Newly released: A wide variety of transitional elements—from organic whoosh sound effects to highly processed cinematic style whooshes and transition sounds — with all flavors in between.

whoosh sound effects libraryAs part of our new series of Soundpacks for 2014, this Whooshes and Transitions collection contains sound effects downloads from our “Whoosh Sound Effects” master category. Included are 1429 sound effects in .wav format and 44/16, 48/24 and high def 96/24 sample/bit rates.

  • 1429 sound effects
  • .Wav format with 44/16, 48/24 and 96/24 sample/bit rates included
  • A set of mono files for 3D positional environments
  • Full metadata embedded for Soundminer, Netmix, Basehead compatibility
  • Built by Soundrangers professional sound designers, specifically for modern media and video games
  • Recorded using high definition gear including Grace, Sanken, Rode, Shure and more. Buffered using Rycote wind jams!

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Download the Track Sheet PDF