Soundrangers is an award winning sound production studio specializing in audio design for modern media. We offer the first sound library of all original royalty free sound effects and production music created for the age of the internet. Created and produced exclusively by the Soundrangers team.

What Sets Us Apart:
• Trusted: We the world’s first and finest collection of professional quality, royalty free sound effects and production music designed for video games, software and other interactive apps. We’ve been on the web for more than 20 years!
• Quality: All of our Soundrangers Brand Sounds have been custom crafted by our own team of experienced, professional audio designers and music composers. No randomly submitted, dubious third party content.
• Easy: Quick and easy auditioning and downloading. All sound files have been pre-edited for easy deployment into your app, video game, film or any production. One-shot sound effects are edited for easy plug-n-play, ambiences loop seamlessly and music tracks are authored to loop with variations provided.
• Safe and Legal: We own the rights to all the sounds in our library, so everything is completely safe and legal to use. No fine print, third parties, crowdsourcing or copyright infringement hassles. We scan our site daily for viruses and security threats.

100% Original ContentSoundrangers Sound Effects and Production Music
People often ask… “How do I submit content to your site?” Sorry, we don’t take submissions. The Soundrangers Sound Library not ‘user-generated’ or collection of other sound libraries.
We are sound designers and composers who enjoy creating unique and original sound effects and music. With all the custom audio design projects we are working on, we know what it takes to make useful and interesting sounds. We are not just compiling and selling other people’s content.
Our award winning team of professional sound designers is busy on a daily basis doing custom audio designs for clients and carefully crafting all of the sounds in our library. This keeps our sounds fresh, unique and current. This also keeps the quality consistent and the licensing clean.

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