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Netflix is using the Soundrangers Sound Effects Library for their original programing.



A strategic partner delivering Soundrangers Sounds to video game developers using Fmod.



Google turns to Soundrangers for UI and UX sounds within their products.

Soundrangers Sound Effects and Production MusicSoundrangers is the world’s first and finest online sound library designed for and created in the age of the internet. All original royalty free sound effects and production music created for the brave new age of interactivity. Sounds edited and optimized for easy deployment into everything from video games and apps to more traditional film and video production!
All of our sound effects downloads have been custom crafted by our own team of award winning sound designers and music composers. Professionals who’ve been working with major video game developers and producers for years.
We own the copyright to all the sounds in our library so everything is completely safe and legal to use. No fine print or third party hassles. [ more ]

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