Here are a few frequently asked questions our sound library.

Checkout the Usage FAQ page for more specific answers to using Soundrangers production music and sound effects downloads  in your app, video game, film or any production.

Why should I use your sound effects and music?

We’re glad you asked… we have the highest quality, most unique content and safest licensing on the web. We own the rights to all of our content so you don’t need to worry about copyright infringement, third party negotiations or other legal hassles commonly associated sound files. This also guarantees you high quality and continuity of sound across our entire library. We are not a distribution portal for 3rd party or public content which enables us to keep tight control of what goes into our library. Lastly, our sound effects and music are designed by working professionals who’ve been designing sounds for years. If you have a professional product, you probably want want professional sound and music.

Can I download these sound files as MP3’s?

No. We only offer full bandwidth wav files. MP3 is a ‘compressed’ sound file format, so the quality is not as good. There are dozens of variations available when converting to MP3. Each variation will give you different sound quality and different sound file sizes. It’s best to start with uncompressed, high quality sound files. That way if want a different variation, you can always return to the original files and re-convert. This allows you to experiment, making your own decision of file size vs. sound quality. The higher the quality, the bigger the file size. Mp3 converter apps are readily available, you can even use iTunes.

How do I make a sound loop?

When an audio file (any audio file) is a “loop” that simply means it is capable of looping, how you loop it is up to you. There are two main methods; either paste the file end to end in editing software, making a seamless file of your own length without having to actually edit the file itself. The other way is to play it back with a playback device or software capable of seamlessly looping audio. Audio files will not just magically loop on their own.

Could you verify that you own all rights to the material on your website and can legally license them for all uses.

We do indeed own all of the rights, 100%, to all of our content; both sound effects and music. The sound effects purchase price/license does give you complete rights to air on ALL forms of broadcast, in synchronization with programming without any hidden fees or third party negotiations. Music licensing is a little more involved. See our Music Licensing page.

If I license some sounds from you, how do I know I won’t be burned with hidden fees or licensing terms down the road?

Because we create our own content, we own the rights to our library which guarantees you the right to use them according to our licensing terms without any hidden fees, copyright infringement or third party haggling commonly associated with free sound, micro-transaction, public file sharing sites, movie clip sites etc. Our licensing terms are exactly as stated, no skeletons in the closet or murky multi-party licensing to worry about. See our Licensing and EULA pages for more information.

Can I use your sounds in my app?

Yes, that’s why we are here! Our sound effects are royalty free, meaning you license (purchase) them once and can use them as many times as you want without further costs. The license you get when purchasing through our site covers you for use within your app or project, as long are synchronized or used in conjunction with a moving image. It does not cover the sounds when they are used as standalone elements such as ringtones or when users are allowed to select which sound they want or redistribution. Additional licenses can be obtained for these or any non-standard use of our sounds. Contact us for more details. See our Licensing page for details.

I want to use your music in a webcast. Does that count as a broadcast in terms of filling out the cue sheet or is that considered a podcast that requires no additional licensing forms?

The cue sheets are for TV and radio broadcast only. They are not needed for webcasts or podcasts.

If I use the clip will I have to pay the composer of the music clip? Am I considered the broadcaster?

Broadcasters are the TV stations, radio stations, NetFlix, etc. They are the ones responsible for paying performance fees to the Performing Rights Societies (PRS). Then the PRS pay the composers. Broadcasters always pay a regular fees to the PRS’s. You just need to report what music was used, so the composers can get their slice of that fee. The music license purchaser (you) are never responsible for making any payments to a PRS.

Do I have to fill out a cue sheet to use the sound effects too?

Nope, only for music.

Do I need to give Soundrangers credit in my project?

You don’t have to, but if you do we guarantee it will improve your Karma, clear up your skin and make your hair healthy and shiny! And send us a link to your work, we love to hear our sounds in action!