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Additional Non-Standard and Non-Sync Licensing

Music Licensing Information

Music License Types 

End-User License Agreement

*See the Licensing FAQ for more info

Sound Effects Licensing

Soundrangers has the highest quality, most unique sound effects and music content and safest licensing on the web. What this means to you is three-fold. Because we own the rights to all of our content, you don’t need to worry about copyright infringement, third party negotiations or other legal hassles commonly associated with free, microtransaction, community driven and file sharing sites. This also guarantees you high quality and continuity of sound across our entire library. We are not a distribution portal for 3rd party or public content which enables us to keep tight control of what goes into our library. Lastly, our sound effects and music are designed by working professionals who’ve been designing sounds for years. If you have a professional product, you want professionals designing sound and music for it. If you’re looking for an explosion sound created by someone blowing into a mic, or something “borrowed” from a TV show, there are plenty of free sound sites on the web where you can find what you are looking for.

All of our sound effects downloads are ‘royalty-free’ meaning, the purchase price includes all licensing and usage fees. The purchaser of Soundrangers sound files is licensed to use the sound effects as many times as they desire, for as long as they desire, in as many productions as they desire so as the sound effects are ‘synchronized’ in your audio/video production. This includes commercial web design, software applications, Flash animations, games, video, podcasts, radio, TV, DVD, film and so on. (see below) Our license does NOT cover usage as ringtones or other hardware devices that “play” sounds as standalone elements, template services or audio-centric software (I.E. IM type apps). See next paragraph. We have several license packages available for this sort of usage- please contact us using our ‘sales and licensing’ form for more info.

So, if you’re using our sound effects in your new software application, you’re covered under our license regardless of whether your product is commercially available for sale or not. If you’re using our sound effects in the new Super Fabulous TV commercial, you’re covered under our agreement and need no further license. Need sound effects for your downloadable game? You’re covered under our license. The same holds true for web design, games, DVD, radio broadcast production including jingles and commercials, video, film, theater and so forth. If you’d like to license our sound effects for commercial distribution on your phone, hardware device, website, template service, or audio-centric software where the sound effects will play a primary, non-syncronized role (I.E. IM type apps, software alarm clocks etc) you must contact us for additional licensing information. Again, we have licensing packages available for these so please ask!

Legal: Upon receipt of Soundrangers sound effects the purchaser agrees to the following:

Soundrangers sound effects are licensed, not sold, for synchronized use within the purchaser’s sound creations and productions. All copying, lending, duplicating, reselling, distributing or de-compiling of this product in its original form to any party other than the purchaser is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this is in violation of state and federal copyright laws. Only the original purchasers of this product have the right to use the enclosed sound effects within their own sound productions.

The license fee appears next to each sound. There is only one fee regardless of usage.

Multi-User: The Soundrangers EULA includes the right to access Soundrangers sound effects content from up to five (5) workstations located at the same physical address. For additional workstations, or remote access from more than one physical location, please contact us at for a multi-user license.

Sound usage can include sound design and assembly of our elements for video games, commercial web design, online and CD-ROM entertainment, radio, television, film, video, podcasts, DVD, theater and personal use.

View our End-User License Agreement
Download a copy our licensing agreement


Additional Non-Standard and Non-Sync Licensing

Non-synchronous usage of our sound effects and music requires an additional license. Non-synchronous (non-sync) usage is defined as sounds that are not used in conjunction with moving images, animations or audio/visual elements.

Some examples of Non-synchronous use are below:

    • iPhone and Smartphone Apps (Video games do not require an additional license)
    • Hardware Devices
    • Ringtones
    • IM Applications
    • Toys
    • Media Building Systems (HTML/Flash Templates, Game Systems)
    • Audio-Centric Software (Clock Alarms, Software SFX Generators, Notifiers etc)
    • Re-distribution through 3rd party
  • Software bundled sound effect/music library

When you purchase sound effects or music from our site, you’re purchasing a sync license and are allowed to use them in most standard productions.

Examples of Syncronous usage:

    • TV, Film and Radio productions
    • Video Game production
    • Websites (button clicks, hover states, animations, background music etc)
    • Podcasts
  • Internet based media such as Youtube videos

Soundrangers offers a quick and simple license arrangement allowing non-syncronous usage within a product. Please contact us with a description of the product and how you’d like to use the sounds, and we’ll put together a cost estimate for you.

Contact us with questions or to license sounds


Music Licensing

All the terms that apply to sound effects also apply to music except usage within the broadcast medium (radio, film, television, cable). 

If you use our production music downloads (not sound effects, just music) for traditional BROADCAST purposes (tv, radio or film), a cue sheet must be filled out and submitted to a Performing Rights Society (BMI, ASCAP, SOCAN, PRS etc.) It ensures that any performance royalties are paid out to the composer and publisher. This is not optional, it is an industry standard practice. You MUST fill out the cuesheet below and send it to either your broadcaster (who will require this anyway) or directly to the PRO (ASCAP etc). You must also email us a copy. Please see our FAQ page for commonly asked questions regarding cuesheets.

Please fill out a Cue Sheet with information about the Production (TV show, movie, etc.) using the music and what music you are using.

Please note: There are no additional fees involved!

Download Blank and Sample Cue Sheets

Contact us if you have questions

See the License page for more info.

Legal Usage:

Illegal Usage:

website sound design (commercial and personal)

games (console, PC, handheld, web, downloadable)

non-commercial electronic devices

software applications

commercial productions such as music, film

broadcast: tv, radio, cable, Podcast (see above)

audio brand identification (audio logos)

ringtones (personal use only, not for resale)

on hold music

*Inclusion on chip-sets, phones, template services, or audio-centric apps requires an additional license. (SEE ABOVE) Please contact us at audioguys @ for more details.

redistribution of our sounds in their original form for any purpose (‘original form’ means being distinguishable at all, in anyway, shape or form, as Soundrangers sounds).

making our sounds available to people who didn’t specifically license them (including them as a separate part of another product or service)

conversion to another format or downsampling and then redistributing in their original form

redistribution in automated web templates

redistribution as ringtones or system sounds

editing our music is fine- you may not however, alter or embellish the music with intent to claim authorship.

Any usage beyond the above mentioned shall require written consent from Soundrangers. All Rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved. All sounds and music produced and owned exclusively by Soundrangers™.


The Different Types of Music Licenses

Below are the primary license types for our royalty free music. These license tiers are for MUSIC ONLY. Please determine what kind of usage you’re interested in, and select the appropriate license type from the drop down box. An asterisk (*) requires you to fill out and submit a usage cuesheet to us using our online form or the PDF found above. If you don’t see what your looking for or have any questions or suggestions please contact us.

Each license gives you the non-exclusive worldwide rights for the lifetime of the product.

Web, General: This is our general usage license which covers: non-commercial and personal websites, single use DVD/CD-ROM/video, Kiosks, virtual business cards, Powerpoint, personal use, theater, educational use, events, conventions, weddings, point of sale displays.

Web, Corporate: This license covers usage of our music in commercial web based ads, promos, videos, websites or web based usage promoting a product, business or other commercial entity. This license includes Youtube usage.

Game, Web: This license covers usage in browser based games, where the game is hosted on or as a website.

Game, Download: This license covers usage in downloadable games made available through all the major app stores (iTunes, Android etc), or downloadable games made available through the XBLA, Steam etc marketplaces both paid and free. It grants you the license to use the music track in an unlimited number of downloads, for one license fee. It also includes a Youtube license so you may show promo footage of your game. It is not required but we’d appreciate a credit in your game.

Game, Console – PC – Handheld: Please use the Resale/Production license below.

Podcast: Use this license for music usage in Podcasts. License covers an unlimited number of downloads.

Broadcast Youtube/Mobile: Broadcast productions made available through Youtube, Vimeo, Hulu or other mobile broadcast service.  If you are promoting a commercial product or service, please use the Web, Corporate license as it includes the Youtube/Mobile rights.

Broadcast Radio: Broadcast productions available to the public on local, regional and/or national radio and webcasts. Usage types include commercials, jingles, promos, PSA’s *Requires cuesheet submission.

Broadcast TV Ad, Local: Usage in a TV/Cable TV based advertisment broadcast in 1 local marketplace. Includes Youtube/Mobile rights. Usage types include commercials, jingles, promos, PSA’s *Requires cuesheet submission.

Broadcast TV Ad, Regional: Usage in a TV/Cable TV based advertisment broadcast in 2+ local marketplaces. Includes Youtube/Mobile rights. Usage types include commercials, jingles, promos, PSA’s *Requires cuesheet submission.

Broadcast TV Ad, National: Usage in a TV/Cable TV based advertisment broadcast nationally. Includes Youtube/Mobile rights. Usage types include commercials, jingles, promos, PSA’s *Requires cuesheet submission.

Broadcast TV Ad, Global: Usage in a TV/Cable TV based advertisment broadcast globally (2+ national markets). Includes Youtube/Mobile rights. Usage types include commercials, jingles, promos, PSA’s *Requires cuesheet submission.

Broadcast TV Programming: Usage in network/cable/premium cable television programming. Includes Youtube/mobile rights. *Requires cuesheet submission.

Broadcast, Other: On Hold Music, Music Services, Sporting Events etc. *Music services require cuesheet submission.

Film, Feature: usage in commercial feature films and trailers. *Requires cuesheet submission.

Film, Indie/Short: This license covers you for sync usage in your indie or short film/animation and covers you up to 500 copies manufactured. You will need to purchase an additional “Resale/Production” license if you plan on manufacturing more than 500 copies. See above. If your indie/short is broadcast, you’ll need to fill our a Cue Sheet and return it to us or a Performing Rights Society. Includes the Youtube/mobile license. However, if your film is being created just for Youtube/Vimeo/Hulu/mobile broadcast, please use the Youtube/mobile license. Also, we don’t require that you put us in your credits, but it’d be most appreciated!

App/Mobile Application: Usage in commercial, non-video game, software applications made available through the iTunes/Android or other mobile marketplace. Includes unlimited downloads. If you are creating a video game app, please use the Game, Downloadable license.

Resale/Production: If you plan on using our music in products made commercially available for sale to the public or OEMs, and/or are manufacturing multiple units of product which include our music, you’ll need this license. It covers: software (downloadable and boxed), DVD, CD-ROM, video, Kiosks, virtual business cards, tradeshow promo discs etc. This license also covers usage in Console, PC and Handheld GAME titles shipped on a physical CD or DVD. (For web and downloadable games, please see associated license above) There are several different pricing tiers based on the quantity of product you need. You can view these price points in the licensing drop down box next to each track of music. 

So for example, if you’ve created a piece of software that requires up to 500 units manufactured, you’re covered under the “Resale/Production 500” license. If you plan to manufacture more, you’ll need to purchase the license that corresponds to the quantity you need. I.E. If you’ve created a DVD documentary that will be sold to the public and need up to 5000 units manufactured, you’re covered under the “Resale/Production 5k” license. Shipping 100k units of your PC game? Select the “Resale/Production 100k” license. We don’t require credits, but would love to be credited in your credit roll if one exists. As always, please ask if you have any questions.

All Media: The license grants you the music usage rights across all and multiple media. IE You need the rights for TV, boxed media, an app and Youtube.