From the Soundrangers Hydrology Collection, this underwater sound effects soundpack is a collection of underwater recordings we’ve put together for use in underwater environments. Intended as building blocks for creative sound design, this sound effects library includes underwater object movement, water currents, bubbles, water ambience, torpedo movement, explosions and other underwater source material for the sound design palette that requires it. Included are 254 unique sound effects pristinely recorded using state of the art field recording gear from Grace, Cold Gold, Rode, Shure and more.  Available in high def 96/24 sample/bit rate wav files with full metadata. This library or sound effects downloads is ready for downloading after purchase.



Hydrology-Underwater Sounds Effects Library

Sound Effects Categories:

  • Underwater ocean, river and lake ambience
  • Underwater bubbles and current flow
  • Underwater object movement
  • Underwater splashes
  • Underwater swish and slosh
  • Scuba walla
  • Underwater mechanical and propulsion drones
  • Torpedo movement
  • Underwater explosions


  • 254 unique Underwater sound effects
  • .Wav format with 96/24 sample/bit rates included
  • Full metadata embedded for Soundminer, Netmix, Basehead compatibility
  • Downloadable after transaction is complete
  • Built by professional sound designers, specifically for modern media
  • Recorded using high definition gear including Grace, Sanken, Cold Gold, Shure and more.