The Soundrangers Whooshes and Transitions royalty free sound effects library contains all original, carefully crafted sound effects downloads designed and produced for ease of use in any production. These are not your common, everyday whooshes. These are super special whooshy whooshes! Included are 1429 sound effects in .wav format and 44/16, 48/24 and high def 96/24 sample/bit rates. This sound library is instantly downloadable after purchase.



Whooshes and Transitions SFX Library

Sound Effects Categories:

• Air and Atmospheric Whooshes
• Cinematic Whoosh and Transitions
• Dark and Dramatic Whooshes
• Sci-Fi and Futuristic Whooshes
• Texture and Stutter Whooshes
• Twirl, Whip and Particle Whooshes
• Combat and Fight Whooshes
• Movement and Build Transitions
• And more…

Here are the specs:

• 1429 Whoosh and Transition sound effects
• .Wav format with 44/16, 48/24 and 96/24 formats included
• Full metadata embedded for Soundminer, Netmix, Basehead compatibility
• A set of mono files for 3D positional environments
• Downloadable after transaction is complete
• Built by professional sound designers, specifically for modern media
• Recorded using high definition gear including Protools HD, Grace and API mic pres, Neumann, Sanken and Shure mics