Do we ever sleep? Don’t answer that… just imagine the sound of old rusty gates and hinges, shovels, falling dirt and debris, scraping stones, a fresh mountain stream, and ever so much more…

Announcing the latest batch of original Soundrangers Sound Effects and Music Downloads created in our state of the art studios:

Dirt and Gravel Sound Effects – falling dirt debris

Modern Door Sound Effects – phone booth doors

Ironworks – foley sounds using iron source material

Telephone Sound Effects – pay phone coins and receivers

Fences and Gate Sounds – painfully rusty gate groans

Industrial Ambience Sounds – air conditioner drones, very cool

Stream Sound Effects – a fresh batch of fresh mountain streams

Shovel Sound Effects – you are going to dig these sounds

Ceramic Sound Effects – the sounds of ceramic pots of all sizes

Stone Drag, Scrape Sound Effects – stones scraping stones

Coins, Cards, Poker Sound Effects – coin purchase jingles

Object Handling – various objects being handled, very handy

Video Game, Powerup Sound Effects – very rewarding sounds  

Orchestral Transitions/Stings – new bite sized orchestral pieces

Dramatic Orchestral Music – dark minions are gonna get ya

Chill-Out Music – relaxing, in a sometimes dark sort of way

And while we were at it… some Classic Video Game Music – freshly vintage!   Sound Effects Downloads

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