As he bent over the ancient book of spells, carefully lifting each fragile page, the squishy sound of flesh began to ooze out from behind the bookcase. Where would you find the sound effects downloads for this scene? Look no further…

Happy Holidays from the Soundrangers! We hope our new sound effects inspire you to greatness…

Ancient Book Sound Effects – dusty, creaky old books

Large Book Sound Effects – big, heavy spell books

Rapid Transition Sounds – get the big Hollywood sound

Liquid in Bottles Sound Effects – shakes and sloshes

Cabbage Sounds – or tearing flesh, tasty either way

Cash Money Sounds – the best kind of sound

Coin Sound Effects – individual and large piles of silver and gold

Cement Chip Sound Effects – crunchy and gravely

Egg Shell Sounds – when big cracks and crunches are too much

Flesh Sound Effects – chunks, splats and tears, ouch!

Footsteps in Mud – individual and multiple steps edited to loop

Footsteps With Reverb – good for castles, caves, dungeons, etc

Gelatin Squishing – microphones were damaged for these

Hair Gel Goop Sound Effects – goops, plops and squirts

Kale Sound Effects – organic movement sounds

Latex on Glass Sound Effects – squeaks and flubber

Leaves Sound Effects – crunchy piles of goodness

Mechanical Handling Sound Effects – gadgets in hand

Metallic Reverb Trails Sounds – metal whooshes

Power up and Down Sounds – video game must have

Trampoline Sound Effects – springs, jumps and bounces

Watermelon Sound Effects – skull crushing goodness

Air Swoosh Sounds – when an air whoosh is too much

Ghostly Air Whoosh Sound Effects – light and spooky whooshes

Harsh Mountain Wind Sounds – will give you a chill