Watch out for that snake! Beware the heavy chain! Can you crack the combination lock code? All of these sounds (and more!) available this month…

Our latest batch of original Soundrangers Sound Effects Downloads and Music tracks only at Soundrangers:

Snake Slithers – scritchy slither sound effects

Worm Slithers – slimy slither sound effects

Body Falls – thuds and bumps from bodies in motion

Heavy Chains – large chains clunking and chunking

Throwing Stars – not the type of stars you want coming toward you

Beep Rollovers – subtle little beep-ish ui sounds

Coins in a Jar – where is my parking change?

Diesel Trains – big machines of loving grace

Young Girls Voice Prompts – tween and younger

Traffic Sounds – internal combustion vehicles all in a row

Glass Squeaks – squeaks only glass can make

Combination Locks – handy sounds for all sorts of gadgets

Leather Sounds – some poor animal died for these sfx, and the couch

Furniture Sounds – couch, wooden folding chairs

Snow Shoes – trudging across Tundra, mile after mile

Chillout Music – 3 new tracks to add a chilled vibe to your project.

Light Acoustic Guitar Music – new solo acoustic guitar tracks

Island Music – a new, happy little ukulele flavored Hawaiian track

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