New Sound Effects
New Soundrangers Sound Effects and Music
The latest batch of original sound effects and music compositions freshly created in our state of the art Soundrangers Labs.
sound effects Glossy Interface Sounds – shiny buttons and video game sounds
sound effects Crowbar Sounds – heavy metal bars without big hair
sound effects Knobs, Buttons, Switches – more flavors and materials
sound effects Dryer Timer – handy for all you virtual household timers
sound effects Primetime Music – new tracks for your hit TV show
sound effects Video Game Music – new tracks with a classic game vibe
sound effects Light Orchestral Music – will move you, but in a light sort of way

Sound Effects DownloadsCheckout our new downloader for quicker and easier downloading of large orders.

Also try our Soundpacks for considerable savings and quicker checkout. Select whatever Soundrangers™ sound effects you want, whenever you want and download them all or one at a time.

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