While creating the music and sound design for the new iOS game The Sleeping Prince, Soundrangers composer Barry Dowsett came up with a number of excellent tips.

“It was decided early on in the development of the The Sleeping Prince score that we’d establish several melodic kernels, or ‘motifs’ to represent the central characters in the game: Prince Perilous and Sydney Slime. The music in each level would then feature music written using these motifs, to represent the presence of either character during gameplay. The team and I also decided that we’d incorporate different musical moods and textures to represent the different areas of gameplay: exploration, battle, and the puzzle adventures.

From the beginning, it was important to us that the Prince Perilous motif be heavily melodic, memorable and help sonically establish the game during its opening title screen. The in-game music would also periodically reference this theme, so it was essential to have both the Prince and the Slime motif clearly established prior to writing any of the music.”

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