Yes! We’ve built our library specifically for game developers. You can use our sound effects for games and apps (iPhone, Android, web, Wii, etc, whatever the platform) without any additional licensing whenever the sounds are used in “sync”. Meaning when sound effects are associated with a specific graphic such as game play and interface sounds.
Apps with non-sync sound usage do require an additional license. Examples of needing an additional license are using sfx as part of a soundboard, relaxation app, ringtone app or other app that plays sfx in a ‘non-synchronous’ manner or allows users to select sounds from a cue, library or bank or sounds.
Purchasing sounds effects from our site licenses them for “sync” uses. Contact us for additional “non-sync” licensing.
Music has selectable licenses for games and apps, sound effects do not.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Additional licenses can be obtained for these or any non-standard use of our sounds. Contact Us for more details. See our Licensing page for details.