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Soundrangers sound effects sound packs are high quality, royalty free, stock sound effect downloads. All sounds and ambiances have been optimized for easy use in everything from video games to video editing. Download these complete uniquely specialized sound effects libraries immediately after purchase.

Whooshes and Transitions SFX Library
Whooshes and Transitions Soundpack
Wind Sound Effects Library
Wind and Wind Ambiences Soundpack
UI and Gameplay Sounds
UI, UX and Video Gameplay Soundpack
Thunder Sound Effects Library
Thunder and Rain Soundpack
Sci-Fi Sound Effects Library
Science Fiction Soundpack
Nature Ambience Sounds
Nature Ambience Soundpack
Industrial Ambiences Sound Library
Industrial Ambience Soundpack
Toys and Games Sound Effects Library
Games and Toys Soundpack
Audience Reactions Sound Effects Library
Audience Reactions Soundpack
Hydrology-Bubbles and Splashes Sound Library
Water Bubbles and Splashes Soundpack
Hydrology-Streams, Lakes and River Sounds
Streams, Rivers and Lakes Soundpack
Hydrology-Underwater Sounds Effects Library
Underwater Soundpack
Hydrology-Complete Set Sound Effects Library
Set of the 3 Water Soundpacks

Ice and Snow Sound Effects Library
Ice and Snow Soundpack

Foliage Sound Effects Library
Foliage; Plants and Trees Soundpack
Rocks, Dirt and Stone Foley Sound Effects
Rocks, Dirt and Stones Soundpack
Complete Foley Sound Effects Library
Set of the 3 Nature Foley Soundpacks
Sound Effects Library
Discount Sound Effects Credits; Pre-purchase and Save
Complete Modern Production Library, Hard Drive
Complete Modern Production Sound Effects Library
Complete Modern Production Library Addition, Vol 1Complete Modern Production Sound Library; Addition, Vol 1 Complete Modern Production Library, Upgrade
Complete Modern Production Sound Library; Upgrade