sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:
Another big batch of sound effects! We’re continuing our quest to record and catalog everything that makes a sound!
sound effectsMelodic Startups and Logins – smooth and musical notifications
sound effectsGame Over or Fail Sounds – sorry, try again
sound effectsLasers, Blasters – Metallic – blast your enemy with a metallic flare
sound effectsWind-Up Toys – the noises of classic tin toys, a few new ones as well
sound effectsDungeon Doors – big, heavy and oppressive
sound effectsSmoke Whooshes – unique whooshes with a smoky after taste
sound effectsInsects, Buzzing and Vocalizations – tough to get those buggers to talk
sound effectsTigers, Panthers – big cats growling and roaring oh my
sound effectsChickens – mmm, tastes like panther
sound effectsHuman Breathing – from exhausted to panic, breath for all occasions
sound effectsFootsteps – without them we would just be standing around
sound effectsEuropean City Ambience – or domestic ambience if you’re European
sound effectsTrains, European, Bart Train, Subway – more variety is always nice
sound effectsSwamp Ambience – just like being there but without the bug spray
sound effectsWaves – why do they just keep coming
sound effectsTorpedo Movement – motorized underwater loops and passing by
sound effectsUnderwater Movement – handy sounds to have in your sound toolbox
sound effectsWater Fountains, Storm Drains, Dripping – above water movements
sound effectsFalling Rocks – various sizes falling on various surfaces
sound effectsWood Debris and Board Drags and Drops – build your own sfx
sound effectsHeavy Machinery, Tractors, Tread, Dumping Rocks – industrial strength
sound effectsShovel and Pickaxe – digging tools doing what they do best
sound effectsShotgun Shell Drops – spent ammunition dropping on different surfaces
sound effectsand so much more … tornado, trees falling, female screams, forest rain, canoe paddle, underwater propulsion, pump generator, foliage, shopping cart metal rattles, bottle knock over, brick scrapes, ice machine, Dark Atmospheric Music

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