Soundrangers creates and sells original, high quality Soundrangers Brand Sound Effects and Royalty Free Production Music.

Trusted: Soundrangers is the world’s first and finest collection of professional quality sound effects and music designed for video games, software and other interactive applications. We’ve been on the web for more than 11 years!

Quality: All of our Soundrangers Brand Sounds have been custom crafted by our own team of experienced, professional sound designers and composers. We’re not just another re-seller of sound libraries created decades ago or a random collection of user generated sounds.

Easy: Quick and easy auditioning and downloading. All sound files have been edited for easy deployment into your build. One-shot sound effects are edited for plug-n-play, ambiences loop seamlessly and music tracks are authored to loop with different mixouts.

Safe and Legal: We own the rights to all the sounds in our library, so everything is completely safe and legal to use. No fine print, third parties or copyright infringement hassles. We scan our site daily for viruses and security threats.

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