How to Build a Fast, Affordable Sound Effects Library in 3 Easy Steps

Soundrangers Sound Effects

Need a unique range of sound effects? On a limited budget? In a hurry?

Here’s how to build your very own sound effects collection in the easiest way possible:

1. Purchase 50 SFX credits from Soundrangers.
2. Choose the exact sound effects you need: 1 credit = 1 sound effect (super easy with our embedded metatag searching!)
3. Download as many or as few sfx at a time as you want. Your available credits will decrease as you use them and best of all… they NEVER expire.

Get all the details here >

Soundrangers Partners with Fmod Partners with Fmod

Soundrangers is pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Firelight Technologies to bring our library of sound effects to, an onboard sound library that integrates high quality sounds into mobile and AAA games faster than ever before.

The library is accessible directly through FMOD Studio, with plug-ins for Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4. Preview every sound effect, and buy only what you need. Read more here:

Soundrangers Partners with Fmod
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