Oct 032010

sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:
This month we added another big batch of sound effects. We are working hard toward our goal of creating a high quality recording of everything in the known universe that makes a sound. We still have a ways to go but we are getting closer every month!
sound effectsChains – a full collection of all types of chains, singles and loops
sound effectsToyota Camry – everyday cars sounds you need
sound effectsRenault Clio – zippy little euro car sounds
sound effectsSand – slow dribbles to fast pours and even loops
sound effectsCross Country Skiing – feel the cool breeze with these looping sounds
sound effectsCymbal Rolls and Hits – classic, all purpose sfx accents
sound effectsFire Extinguishers – blasts of chemical retardant, mmm good
sound effectsStutter Whooshes – unique whooshes with a pulsing quality
sound effectsCrowbar – heavy metal clunks, clangs and drags oh my
sound effectsMouse and Rat Traps – snap goes the rodent
sound effectsBouncy Boings – more boing variations than previously imaginable
sound effectsDrinking Cups and Glasses – what separates man from beast
sound effectsGas Masks – breathing, putting on, taking off, smell nothing
sound effectsPropane Tanks – hollow, metallic clunks and clangs
sound effectsCroquet – spend a civilized day in the sun with these sound effects
sound effectsMountain Streams- you can hear the freshness
sound effectsCar Tires – tires rolling on various surfaces
sound effectsFilm Clapboard – quite on the set… action
sound effectsTest Tones – handy sounds to have in your sound toolbox
sound effectsHarbor Ambience – sun, boats, water and birds, well imagine there’s sun
sound effectsSpring Bounces – big, springy spring sounds that sound springy
sound effectsKazoo – an underrated instrument, well maybe not
sound effectsClipboards – what are pens without a clipboard?
sound effectsCredit Cards – audio captures of the most powerful devices on earth
sound effectsCoin Purses – holder of the change that’s needed
sound effectsand so much more … water in sewer pipes, space shuttle rockets, film clapboard, maglight flashlights, pencil sharpeners, rain on tin roof, dust masks, gas cans, box cutters, electric air pumps, suitcase zippers, fly’s on windows, jewelry boxes, candle lighters, swimming pool ambiences, jaw harps, male screams, interior train ambiences, room tones, ballpoint pens

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Aug 312010

sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:
This month we added one of our biggest batches of sound effects in awhile. More than a 1000 all new, original sound effects. All professionally created in our own sound laboratories. Here are a few of the highlights in no particular order.
sound effectsBicycles – a full set of all things bicycle, single sounds, loops, etc.
sound effectsBoxing – punching bags, boxing glove hits, body and face blows
sound effectsModern Navigation Interface Sounds – updated set of ui sounds
sound effectsStyrofoam – squeaks, crunches breaks, packing sounds
sound effectsArtillery Launcher – the launcher sounds and firing sounds
sound effectsBullet Casing – handling and dropping on different surfaces
sound effectsBeer Cans – guns and beer go together like, well, guns and beer
sound effectsLiquor Bottles and Bottle Caps – sloshing, rolling and clunking
sound effectsSterno Flame – very interesting burning and crackling sounds
sound effectsBricks – movements, clunks, breaking, debris
sound effectsGuitar Amps – all manner of electronic buzzes and futz
sound effectsBone Crushes – the gory sounds of bones being pulverized
sound effectsForest Ambiences – light wind birds fluttering through the trees
sound effectsLadders and Step Stools – the clunks and bangs of aluminum ladders
sound effectsComputer Beeps and Scanners – sci-fi menu and button sounds
sound effectsMetal Latches – useful for anything from interface sounds to robots
sound effectsShaving Cream Squirts and Splats – shave everyday, always feel clean
sound effectsToys – springy slinky’s, plastic lego blocks, marbles rolling and hitting
sound effectsCamcorders – little servos, switches and camera sounds
sound effectsTrash and Garbage – cans, dumping and rummaging through rubbish
sound effectsBoxes, Cardboard, Metal and Ceramic – boxes big and small
sound effectsKitchen Items – food processor, ice dispenser, bags, cookie sheets
sound effectsDoor Opens and Closes – metal doors, wood stove doors, freezer doors
sound effectsDoor Squeaks – more spooky squeaks and creaks of old wood doors
sound effectsGloves – latex, plastic, cloth, winter gloves, all very handy
sound effectsPellet Stoves and Wood Stoves – the electric sounds of pellet stoves
sound effects…and so much more

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Jun 302010

royalty free music New Music Added This Month:
This month we’ve added a few new categories and updated many others.
production musicDrum-n-Bass Techno Music – bumping and thumping technotronica
production musicDubstep Techno Music – new category of uniquely flavored techno cuts
production musicBreakBeat Techno Music – updated selection of hard driving electronica
production musicAmbient Drone Music – layers and textures from the great beyond
production musicWorld Music – exotic sounds and flavors from around the world
production musicOrchestral Music – dramatic and emotional full orchestral scores
production musicClassic Video Game Music – fun tunes with a video game feel
production musicCalypso Music – sunny summertime vibes
production musicCorporate Music – new funky mixes to funk up that corporate video

sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:
We added way too many sound effects this month to list them all. Here are just a few of the highlights in no particular order.
sound effectsModern Navigation Interface Sounds – new set of buttons, rollovers, etc.
sound effectsOld School Video Game Beeps – beeps reminiscent of days gone by
sound effectsPoofs – just like the name says, the uses are endless
sound effectsBuilding Collapses – big and ugly description sounds with texture
sound effectsClean Whooshes – a fresh flavor in our large arsenal of whooshes
sound effectsSmall Creatures – small furry vocalizations from parts unknown
sound effectsCarcass Rips – tearing flesh, blood, guts, good times
sound effectsWalkie-Talkies – beeps and squelches
sound effectsCable Wrenches – handy sounds for many big, clunky metal uses
sound effectsOffice Chairs – heck, everyone’s gotta sit somewhere
sound effectsCinder Blocks – impacts, debris and other sounds of stone joy
sound effectsGlass Debris – unique glass movement and breaks
sound effectsOrchestra Tuning – cacophony of noise from fine tuned instruments
sound effectsCrowd Applause – large concert hall added to our crowded crowds
sound effectsFake Leather Movement – say may even say pleather!
sound effectsGiant Water Splashes – big and wet, just as advertised
sound effects…and much more

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May 252010

royalty free music New Music Added This Month:
Our latest batch of high quality stock music.
production musicBreakBeat Techno Music – a juicy selection of hard driving electronica
production musicOrchestral/Techno Hybrid Music – a potent blend of musical styles
production musicDark Atmospheric Music – layers and textures from the great beyond
production musicHard Rock Music – heavy duty instrumentals with guitars that can kill
production musicIndie/Skate Rock Music – these guitars may not kill but they will twang
production musicClassic Video Game Music – quirky little tunes with a classic game vibe
production musicScientific / Mystery Music – more mysterious undertones
production musicIndustrial Music – more abrasive blends of hard rock and electronica
production musicChillout Music – a fresh batch of hip smooth grooves
production musicSolo Piano Music – mellow and emotion piano compositions

sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:
Fresh from our recording studios, quality crafted sound effects.
sound effectsMud Sound Effects – bubbles, splats, squishes, suction and more
sound effectsPneumatic Impact Wrenches – time to hit the pits for a tire change
sound effectsScreams – men, women and children screaming in terror
sound effects…and much more

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Mar 232010
sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:
Our latest batch of all original, quality crafted sound effects.
sound effectsJail Cell Doors-big, textured, metal, creaky, rolling, door sounds
sound effectsWarriors-marching, fighting, shouting, pain and death. good times!
sound effectsElectrical Bursts-high voltage arc, buzzes, shocks and Tesla coil zaps
sound effectsCaskets and Coffins-stone and wood, sliding, opening and closing
sound effectsFish-big and small jumping through the water
sound effectsHorses-eating, walking, running everything but talking
sound effectsSheep-now these little critters are doing some talking
sound effectsHome Entertainment-good time electronic devises of all sorts
sound effectsRope Tension-stress and stretching sounds. hang’em high!
sound effectsBoxes-cardboard, plastic, with junk, without junk, all thing ‘box’
sound effectsTinfoil-movement, tearing, crumpling, everything but chewing, yuck.
sound effectsSheet Metal-impacts, slides and all manor of sheet metal noises
sound effectsPlastic Tarps-not too exciting but sometimes you gotta have’em
sound effects…and much more

royalty free music New Music Added This Month:
Fresh from the studio to you….
production musicPastoral Thematic Orchestral Music-bittersweet orchestral underscores
production musicClassical Music-some of the finest classical music pieces known
production musicLight Orchestral Music-orchestral music for the whole family

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Dec 112009

sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:

Here’s the latest batch of quality crafted sound effects fresh from our studios to your table.
sound effectsSpinning Whoosh Sounds – spinning rope or battle axe or battle rope?
sound effectsBook Sounds – new category, captured before they become extinct
sound effectsSpray Can and Bottles – ideal for all your virtual graffiti needs
sound effectsBalloons – rubbery stretches, squeaks and farty air noises
sound effectsBottles and Cans – open, close, drop, pickup and more
sound effectsCounters – video game level up or score ticker sounds
sound effectsComputers – all things in computer sfx and key strokes
sound effectsFireballs – great balls of flying fire, medieval fireball launches
sound effectsCinematic Subwoofers – rumbling toward the brown note
sound effectsPowerup Switches – electro powered servo switches
sound effectsUnderwater Ambiences – aquatic movements, sloshes and bubbles
sound effectsWater Explosions – above and below the surface explosions
sound effectsWood Grit Scrapes – not too exciting but sometimes you gotta have’em
sound effects…and much more

royalty free music New Music Added This Month:
A new batch of freshly produced music tracks composed and performed by our elite team of ninja musicians.
production musicHoliday Music – unique and traditional holiday arrangements
production musicClassic Arcade Music – old skool video game grooves and vibe
production musicBig Beat Music – nasty and destructive dance grooves
production musicPrimtime Drama Music – ideal for when the in-laws come for the holidays
production musicDramatic Orchestral Music – dramatic yet refined, big yet intricate
production musicOrchestral Music – pure and pastoral
production musicPiano Music – pull up a stool and dig the mellow grooves

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Sep 212009
New Sound Effects Added This Month:
sound effectsAudience Laughing And Reaction Sounds – thank you, thank you very much
sound effectsClothing Movement Sound Effects – perfect for that laundry based video game
sound effectsChildren Laughing, Screaming, Cheering Sound Effects – you kids get off my lawn!
sound effectsFighting Sound Effects – men and women fighting movements and vocalizations, arg!
sound effectsCrate Smash and Wood Break Sound Effects – large and destructive
sound effectsRubber Squeak, Stretch and Movement Sound Effects – funky cartoon sounds
sound effectsRubber Ball Bounce Sound Effects – perfect for bouncy ball games or apps
sound effectsSoccer Sound Effects – some say football, some say tomato, we say world cup sounds
sound effectsBubbling Sound Effects – great for use as boiling cauldron and other spooky sounds
sound effectsSplash Sound Effects – large, small, different objects, all things splashy
sound effectsUnderwater Sound Effects – bubbles and various movements from a fish’s perspective
sound effectsCombat Whoosh Sound Effects – the rare sound of Bruce Lee missing
sound effectsSnow Impact Sound Effects – snowballs and other frozen impact sounds
sound effectsSnow Shoveling Sound Effects – these will make you want some hot chocolate
sound effects…and much more – chainsaws, bed squeaks, nature ambiences sound effects. etc.

New Royalty Free Music Added This Month:
This was a big sound effects month but our royalty free music library continues to grown by leaps and bounds monthly. This month checkout the newest, high quality, all original category
production musicBig Beat/Break Beat Techno Royalty Free Music – club fresh, big, strong beats
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Aug 202009
New Sound Effects Added This Month:
A new batch of sound effects hot out of our studio. More in our continuing quest to make high quality, premier sounds available to all.
sound effectsHyped Up Gun Sound Effects – Dirty Harry magnum blasts
sound effectsHollywood Styled Punch Sound Effects – like a Bruce Lee smack down
sound effectsLiquid Metal Whoosh Sound Effects – these made quite a mess of the studio
sound effectsBone Break Sound Effecs – very painful sounding
sound effectsWood Break And Cracking Sound Effects – big, nasty cracking and breaking
sound effectsStone Impact Sound Effects – big, dull thuds and smaller smashes and breaks
sound effectsRockslide Sound Effects – like a rolling stone, only a bunch of them
sound effectsTheater Applause And Crowd Reaction Sound Effects – thank you very much
sound effectsFootstep Sound Effects – different shoes and surfaces, singles and loops
sound effectsFootsteps On Metal Sound Effects – more shoes types, also singles and loops

New Royalty Free Music Added This Month:
May not seem like it this month but we have now more than tripled the size of our production music selection since the first of the year. Here are just a few of the latest highlights.
production musicDeep House Royalty Free Music – bump’in techno dance music
production musicLatin Royalty Free Music – energetic and happy with a sunny flavor
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Jul 182009

Hello all,

We’ll be returning to the conference next week- please stop by and say hi.  If you’re a developer with upcoming projects, please contact us to set up a meeting time.

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