sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:
This was a very whooshy month here in the Soundrangers laboratories. Hundreds of new whooshes added this month and just in time for the holidays! I’m not sure what the connection is, use your imagination.
sound effectsMorph Whooshes – morphing techno-squishy blend of organic matter
sound effectsHollowcore Whooshes – natural sounding yet with hollow overtones
sound effectsParticle Whooshes – a million little pieces all flying together
sound effectsSmoke Whooshes – light and fluffy yet still robust and full bodied
sound effectsStutter Whooshes – stuttering, sputtering or pulsing whooshes
sound effectsTexture Whooshes – complex bouquet of natural whooshiness
sound effectsTwirl Whooshes – spinning twirling and looping whooshes
sound effectsWhip Whooshes – doing their part to whip it, whip it good
sound effectsSuccess Sounds – orchestral and playful updates, a winning assortment
sound effectsMetallic Navigation Sounds – for your metal flavored interface needs
sound effectsWWII Airplanes – bombers and fighters from the 2nd war to end all wars
sound effectsGuillotine – some even with the fleshy sounds of head removal
sound effectsWerewolves – maybe not as cute as vampires but better sounding
sound effectsSecurity Doors and Fences – helps keep the werewolves out
sound effectsGun Handling Sounds – gun clunks, clinks and loading bullets
sound effectsMetal Pipe Stress – unique metal creaking and groaning
sound effectsFoliage – rustling leaves, branches and twigs
sound effectsWood on Stone and Dirt – drags, drops, slides and more
sound effectsand much more

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