sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:
Our latest batch of all original, quality crafted sound effects.
sound effectsJail Cell Doors-big, textured, metal, creaky, rolling, door sounds
sound effectsWarriors-marching, fighting, shouting, pain and death. good times!
sound effectsElectrical Bursts-high voltage arc, buzzes, shocks and Tesla coil zaps
sound effectsCaskets and Coffins-stone and wood, sliding, opening and closing
sound effectsFish-big and small jumping through the water
sound effectsHorses-eating, walking, running everything but talking
sound effectsSheep-now these little critters are doing some talking
sound effectsHome Entertainment-good time electronic devises of all sorts
sound effectsRope Tension-stress and stretching sounds. hang’em high!
sound effectsBoxes-cardboard, plastic, with junk, without junk, all thing ‘box’
sound effectsTinfoil-movement, tearing, crumpling, everything but chewing, yuck.
sound effectsSheet Metal-impacts, slides and all manor of sheet metal noises
sound effectsPlastic Tarps-not too exciting but sometimes you gotta have’em
sound effects…and much more

royalty free music New Music Added This Month:
Fresh from the studio to you….
production musicPastoral Thematic Orchestral Music-bittersweet orchestral underscores
production musicClassical Music-some of the finest classical music pieces known
production musicLight Orchestral Music-orchestral music for the whole family

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