New Sound EffectsNew Sound Effects Added This Month:
We’ve been busy in our secret labs recording funky mechanical sound effects and odd contraptions, as well as a few not so odd devices. We are trying to create the perfect blend of mild and spicy sound effects.
sound effectsGear Sounds – big clunky gear movement sound effects
sound effectsMachine Parts – random mechanical and machine movements
sound effectsMechanical Clinking – machinery clinking and clunking sounds
sound effectsMechanical Widgets – little, complex metal movement sounds
sound effectsMechanical Lever Sounds – clunking and clinking of metal levers
sound effectsPulley Sounds – more mechanical sfx for your enjoyment
sound effectsChain Movements – keeping with our mechanical theme
sound effectsDirt and Gravel Sounds – very dirty sound effects updates
sound effectsMetal Reverberant Impact Sounds – clangy and reverberiffic
sound effectsMetal Squeaks – iron squeaks with character
sound effectsMetal Scrapes and Drags – ugly scraping sound updates
sound effectsMetal Stress – a fresh batch of metal pipes knocking and clucking
sound effectsWicker Sound Effects – the crackling sounds of stressed wicker
sound effectsGun Handling – gun loading and cocking updates
sound effectsBullet Impact Sounds – bullets hitting various surfaces
sound effectsLaser Guns – more choices from our already huge assortment
sound effectsFuture-Tech Button Sounds – button clicks, from the future
sound effectsMagical Sparkling Sweeps – add some tinkle to your video game
sound effectsCastle, Drawbridge and Dungeon Doors – giant ancient doors
sound effectsFences and Gates – making rattles and bangs
sound effectsLaughing and Crying – they’ll make you both happy and sad
sound effectsScreams and Yells – they’ll make you both happy and frightening
sound effectsFuturistic Transitions – digital fractals in motion
sound effectsOrganic Texture Whooshes – more whooshes than anyone else!
sound effectsand much more

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