New Sound Effects
New Soundrangers Sound Effects and Music
Only available here! A brand new batch of original sound effects and music compositions created by the Soundrangers team of audio extremists.
sound effects Reel
to Reel Tape Machine Sounds
– these machines really used to exist
and they made great noises, useful for all kinds of things
sound effects Mechanical
Crude Parts
– large clunking random mechanical-ness. perfect for
your imaginary steampunk machine
sound effects Harsh Mountain Wind – cold and blustery alpine atmospheres or an average day in the northwest mountains
sound effects Jail and Dungeon Doors – the classic sounds of being thrown into the slammer
sound effects Complex Metal Squeaks – we took some of the giant metal squeaks made by the jail doors and edited them up for your enjoyment
sound effects Laser Shields – what else is going to protect you from our arsenal of laser swords?
sound effects Crow
– you can’t go anywhere without hearing these. so we brought
you some of the really good ones.
sound effects Trucks
and Busses
– drivebys of various large vehicles
sound effects Orchestral Music – super fine professional compositions
sound effects Orchestral / Techno Hybrid Music – energetic and rhythmic yet lush
sound effects Techno Dance Music – everybody dance now
sound effects Light Acoustic Guitar Music – relax don’t do it
  and, as always, much more
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