New Sound Effects
New Soundrangers Sound Effects and Music
Only available here! A brand new batch of original sound effects and music compositions created by the professional team of Soundrangers professionals. Yes, so pro we said it twice!
sound effects Thunder Strikes – massive strikes alone and with rain
sound effects Magic Windchimes – fairy land wouldn’t be complete without these
sound effects Acid Fizz – sizzling good times
sound effects Infant Boy – from coos to cries and all points between
sound effects Campfires – pleasant crackle you remember from camping
sound effects Earthquake Sounds – large rumbling sounds
sound effects Wooden Drawbridge – clunky and chunky wood sounds
sound effects Hydraulic Spaceship Hatch – the new version of a wooden drawbridge
sound effects Blue Jays – you can hear their dinosaur ancestors in there
sound effects Rusty Gate Groans – squeaky and creaky sounds
sound effects Small Safe Door Movement – metal safe noises
sound effects Construction Ambience – various large vehicles and atmosphere
sound effects Rushing River Water – fast moving water from the deep woods
sound effects Water Spurts – pressurized squirts and splashing sounds
sound effects Small Castle/Church Doors – big funky doors
sound effects Coin Slot Tray – vending machine coin insertions
sound effects Bike on Rickety Bridge – creaky wood as bikes role by
sound effects Snow Scrapes – someone has to clean that stuff off
sound effects Snow Footsteps – snow never sounded so good
sound effects Chalkboard – is your homework ready class?
sound effects Dramatic Orchestral Music – more super fine professional compositions
sound effects Light Orchestral Music – makes me happy as a little girl
  and, as always, much more we forgot to mention
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