New Sound Effects
New Soundrangers Sound Effects and Music
The latest batch of original sound effects and music created in our state of the art Soundrangers Labs.
sound effects Dirt and Gravel Sound Effects – falling dirt debris
sound effects Modern Door Sound Effects – phone booth doors
sound effects Ironworks – foley sounds using iron source material
sound effects Telephone Sound Effects – pay phone coins and receivers
sound effects Fences and Gate Sounds – painfully rusty gate groans
sound effects Industrial Ambience Sounds – air conditioner drones, very cool
sound effects Stream Sound Effects – a fresh batch of fresh mountain streams
sound effects Shovel Sound Effects – you are going to dig these sounds
sound effects Ceramic
Sound Effects
– the sounds of ceramic pots of all sizes
sound effects Stone Drag, Scrape Sound Effects – stones scraping stones
sound effects Coins, Cards, Poker Sound Effects – coin purchase jingles
sound effects Object Handling – various objects being handled, very handy
sound effects Video Game, Powerup Sound Effects – very rewarding sounds
sound effects Orchestral Transitions/Stings – new bite sized orchestral pieces
sound effects Dramatic Orchestral Music – dark minions are gonna get ya
sound effects Chill-Out Music – relaxing, in a sometimes dark sort of way
sound effects Classic Video Game Music – freshly vintage!

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