New Sound EffectsNew Sounds for the New Year
sound effects 25 SFX SoundPack – discounts and fast checkout for pre-purchasing
sound effects Ancient Book Sound Effects – dusty, creaky old books
sound effects Large Book Sound Effects – big, heavy spell books
sound effects Rapid Transition Sounds – get the big Hollywood sound
sound effects Liquid in Bottles Sound Effects – shakes and sloshes
sound effects Cabbage Sounds – or tearing flesh, tasty either way
sound effects Cash Money Sounds – the best kind of sound
sound effects Coin Sound Effects – individual and large piles of silver and gold
sound effects Cement Chip Sound Effects – crunchy and gravely
sound effects Egg Shell Sounds – when big cracks and crunches are too much
sound effects Flesh Sound Effects – chunks, splats and tears, ouch!
sound effects Footsteps in Mud – individual and multiple steps edited to loop
sound effects Footsteps With Reverb – good for castles, caves, dungeons, etc
sound effects Gelatin Squishing – microphones were damaged for these
sound effects Hair Gel Goop Sound Effects – goops, plops and squirts
sound effects Kale Sound Effects – organic movement sounds
sound effects Latex on Glass Sound Effects – squeaks and flubber
sound effects Leave Sound Effects – crunchy piles of goodness
sound effects Mechanical Handling Sound Effects – gadgets in hand
sound effects Metallic Reverb Trails Sounds – metal whooshes
sound effects Power up and Down Sounds – video game must have
sound effects Trampoline Sound Effects – springs, jumps and bounces
sound effects Watermelon Sound Effects – skull crushing goodness
sound effects Air Swoosh Sounds – when an air whoosh is too much
sound effects Ghostly Air Whooshes – light and spooky whooshes
sound effects Harsh Mountain Wind Sounds – will give you a chill
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