New Wind Soundpack
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Soundrangers is releasing a new series of Soundpacks for 2014.

This month we are featuring the
Wind Soundpack for only $75!

Includes howling mountain winds, gusts, wind in trees, low moans, whistling winds, blustery storm winds and more.

Pristinely recorded on three continents using state of the art equipment.

Our new Wind Soundpack collection contains 90 unique sound effects (115 total which includes longer edits). We traveled the world using only state of the art field recording gear from Grace, Sanken, Shure and more. All files with the exception of the wind gusts are authored to loop if your production requires it. Available in .wav format and 44/16, 48/24 and high def 96/24 sample/bit rates. We’ve also included a set of mono files for 3d positional environments. This collection is DOWNLOADABLE, and also available on USB drive if you prefer shipping.

Download the Track Sheet PDF

Use code SALEWINDSP at checkout. Offer good until 3/31/2014

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