Mar 172011

Announcing the

Soundrangers Sound Effects Hard Drive

Sound Effects Hard Drive

Soundrangers is proud to announce the release of our online library on hard drive. The Soundrangers Sound Effects Hard Drive has been created for maximum ease of use in interactive environments. In developing, formatting and organizing the library, our team of skilled professionals applied it’s own workflow and creative expertise in sound design for console and social games, iPhone and iPad apps, interactive software and websites.


The hard drive is meticulously organized into intuitive hierarchical categories. All sounds are pre-edited for easy plug and play. One shots are provided with multiple variations and precisely edited, ambiences are pre-edited to loop – all in all, the Soundrangers library features make it a rich sonic resource for interactive media, traditional media and beyond.


Features Include:

  • Introductory Price: $2900 USD (retail $3900 USD)
  • 21,117 sound effects (137 GB) on external hard drive
  • 1 Year of Free Sound Effects Updates
  • Portable, Production-Quality Glyph PortaGig 50 Hard Drive
  • Broadcast .wav formats: 24/48, 24/44.1, 16/44.1
  • Compressed formats: Mp3 and Ogg Vorbis
  • Optimized for interactive applications, video games and web design
  • Embedded Metadata for easy searching
  • Intuitive Category and File names
  • Sound Effects Search Software: Search, Audition, Drag & Drop
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • 3 year Data Replacement Policy
  • checkout the video demo
  • hear the audio demo and get more info

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Jul 182009

Hello all,

We’ll be returning to the conference next week- please stop by and say hi.  If you’re a developer with upcoming projects, please contact us to set up a meeting time.

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May 202009

People often ask… “How do I submit content to your site?” Sorry, we don’t take submissions. We are not a ‘user-generated’ sound library. We don’t even sell the same old standard sound libraries everyone else carries.
We are sound designers and composers who enjoy creating original sound effects and royalty free music. We’re not just running a website selling other people’s content. Our award winning team of professional sound designers is busy on a daily basis carefully crafting all of the sounds in our library. This keeps our sounds fresh and unique, the quality consistent and the licensing clean.

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May 082009

The studios here at Soundrangers Institute of Audio Wellness have been buzzing with activity all month. We are in the middle of custom sound design for several video game projects, while also continuing to add original content to our library almost daily. While on location we made a rare recording of a red tail hawk screeching. The screech heard in every cowboy movie ever made! We also added a bunch of new, happy user-interface sounds. Some giant, ugly crashes and spooky piano hits. Not to mention a ton of new stock music cuts across many categories! We need a day off.
Recording studios traditional don’t have a lot of windows so when you are in there every waking hour of everyday your skins starts show the lack of exposure to natural light. The Studio Tan.

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Apr 202009

Soundrangers are fresh back from the CGC in Hamburg and GDC in San Fransico with yet another fresh perspective on the world of video gaming. Special thanks to all of you who stopped by to say hi and hang out. See you in Seattle in July.

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