Educational Discounts Now Available

Sounds for schools.The Soundrangers Modern Production library is available for educational discounts.
If you are in need of a high quality library, optimized for the demands of interactive design and delivery, please contact us for licensing details and cost estimate.


  • Monthly and annual licenses available
  • License per class
  • Student licenses available with valid student ID
  • Sounds can be used in final student projects
  • Sounds optimized for easy integration into classroom tools, exercises and projects
  • Sounds are available as full resolution .wav’s, or MP3s
  • Library available online or hard drive
  • Library updated regularly with new sound and music

Soundrangers Partners with Fmod

soundrangers-fmod-sound-effects-video-game-phone-appSoundrangers is pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Firelight Technologies to bring our library of sound effects to This onboard sound library integrates high quality sounds into mobile and AAA games faster than ever before.

The library is accessible directly through FMOD Studio, with plug-ins for Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4. Preview every sound effect, and buy only what you need. Read more here:

Soundrangers Partners with Fmod

SoundSherpa Professional Sound Effects Libraries

soundsherpa-sound-librarySoundrangers recently added tens of thousands of new sound effects from professional sound libraries, under a new sister brand called SoundSherpa.

What sets SoundSherpa apart?

The SoundSherpa collection has more of a traditional use sound effect aesthetic, which we believe will compliment Soundrangers’ more interactive use media.

SoundSherpa will offer known, and some not so known, sound effects and music libraries from only the finest professional developers and composers, all backed by the ease and convenience of Soundrangers.


Spotlight on Soundrangers Sound Effects in Develop Game Magazine


Can the use of an audio library still allow for maximum game creativity? We think the answer is yes.

Well of course we do. But why? 1) Our collection has been professionally crafted for cinematic audio, and 2) much of our audio content is aimed specifically at video games development (that’s what happens when you’re based in Seattle…).

Read more in this article in the June issue of Develop game design magazine. It not only talks about what makes our sound library so good for video game developers, but also why our sounds work great in traditional media as well.


Interview with About Sound Effects and Music For Video Games

Interview with About Sound Effects and Music For Video Games

Part 1 of 2

INTERVIEWER: I’m here at Casual Connect, and with me today is a special guest. How about you introduce yourself?

Barry:  Hi, I’m Barry from Sound Rangers.

INTERVIEWER: And what’s Sound Rangers about?

Barry:  Sound Rangers is two things. We’re a custom sound and music development company, and we’re also a library of sound effects built for games and game developers.

INTERVIEWER: And for most small game developers, what part of the service are they using?

Announcing the Soundrangers Sound Effects Hard Drive

Sound Effects Hard Drive

Soundrangers is proud to announce the release of our online Sound Effects Hard Drive — the most comprehensive sonic resource for interactive media, traditional media and beyond.

The development of this library is the result of our team’s extensive experience in creative sound design for console and social games, iPhone and iPad apps, interactive software and websites.

Incredibly Easy to Use:

  • Meticulously organized into intuitive hierarchical categories.
  • Sounds are pre-edited for easy plug and play.
  • One-shots are provided with multiple variations and precisely edited, ambiences are pre-edited to loop.

Unparalleled Features:

  • Introductory Price: $2900 USD (retail $3900 USD)
  • 21,117 sound effects (137 GB) on external hard drive
  • 1 Year of Free Sound Effects Updates
  • Portable, Production-Quality Glyph PortaGig 50 Hard Drive
  • Broadcast .wav formats: 24/48, 24/44.1, 16/44.1
  • Compressed formats: Mp3 and Ogg Vorbis
  • Optimized for interactive applications, video games and web design
  • Embedded Metadata for easy searching
  • Intuitive Category and File names
  • Sound Effects Search Software: Search, Audition, Drag & Drop
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • 3 year Data Replacement Policy


Hear the audio demo and get more info


Soundrangers at the Competitive Gaming Conference Next Week

Never fear, Soundrangers will be returning to the Competitive Gaming Conference (CGC) next week!

Please stop by and say hi.  If you’re a developer with upcoming game projects, please contact us to set up a meeting time to learn more about our amazing original sound effects, custom audio, and royalty free music for video games, smart phone apps, websites, and all forms of interactive media.