New Sound Effects Added This Month:

sound effectsGame Show Sounds
– classic win and loose sounds
sound effectsBoard Game Sounds – dominos, chess, checkers, dice and more!
sound effectsGnome Sound Effects – little monsters ready to make an appearance in your game
sound effectsPig Sound Effects – every crazy sound a pig can make!
sound effectsRat Sound Effects – attacking, idling and upset rats oh my!
sound effectsInsect Sound Effects – hits, attacks, idles, upsets, running and more!
sound effectsSpider Sounds – lots of angry spider attacks, hits and more!
sound effectsDogs Sound Effects – updated with additional dog vocalizations
sound effectsSpaceship Drone Sounds – the sound you hear while traveling in space
sound effectsFingernail Scratching Sound Effects – could be man or beast
sound effectsIce Sound Effects – freezing and cracking
New Royalty Free Music Added This Month:
production musicDramatic Orchestral Music
– many of new hybrid and dramatic cuts added
production musicWorld Music
– many, many new tracks from all over the world added
production musicAmbient Music – updated with new textural underscore tracks
production musicPop Music – updated with new pop radio ready tracks

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