royalty free music New Music Added This Month:
This month we’ve added a few new categories and updated many others.
production musicDrum-n-Bass Techno Music – bumping and thumping technotronica
production musicDubstep Techno Music – new category of uniquely flavored techno cuts
production musicBreakBeat Techno Music – updated selection of hard driving electronica
production musicAmbient Drone Music – layers and textures from the great beyond
production musicWorld Music – exotic sounds and flavors from around the world
production musicOrchestral Music – dramatic and emotional full orchestral scores
production musicClassic Video Game Music – fun tunes with a video game feel
production musicCalypso Music – sunny summertime vibes
production musicCorporate Music – new funky mixes to funk up that corporate video

sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:
We added way too many sound effects this month to list them all. Here are just a few of the highlights in no particular order.
sound effectsModern Navigation Interface Sounds – new set of buttons, rollovers, etc.
sound effectsOld School Video Game Beeps – beeps reminiscent of days gone by
sound effectsPoofs – just like the name says, the uses are endless
sound effectsBuilding Collapses – big and ugly description sounds with texture
sound effectsClean Whooshes – a fresh flavor in our large arsenal of whooshes
sound effectsSmall Creatures – small furry vocalizations from parts unknown
sound effectsCarcass Rips – tearing flesh, blood, guts, good times
sound effectsWalkie-Talkies – beeps and squelches
sound effectsCable Wrenches – handy sounds for many big, clunky metal uses
sound effectsOffice Chairs – heck, everyone’s gotta sit somewhere
sound effectsCinder Blocks – impacts, debris and other sounds of stone joy
sound effectsGlass Debris – unique glass movement and breaks
sound effectsOrchestra Tuning – cacophony of noise from fine tuned instruments
sound effectsCrowd Applause – large concert hall added to our crowded crowds
sound effectsFake Leather Movement – say may even say pleather!
sound effectsGiant Water Splashes – big and wet, just as advertised
sound effects…and much more

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