Spotlight on Soundrangers Sound Effects in Develop Game Magazine


Can the use of an audio library still allow for maximum game creativity? We think the answer is yes.

Well of course we do. But why? 1) Our collection has been professionally crafted for cinematic audio, and 2) much of our audio content is aimed specifically at video games development (that’s what happens when you’re based in Seattle…).

Read more in this article in the June issue of Develop game design magazine. It not only talks about what makes our sound library so good for video game developers, but also why our sounds work great in traditional media as well.


New Sound Effects for June

Such a variety in this month’s release, the storyline practically writes itself: from magical fairy wind chimes, to a hydraulic spaceship hatch… blue jays, a wooden drawbridge, and a crackling fire, the sizzle of acid, the sound of a chalkboard… you name it, we’ve got it.