Press Release: Soundrangers Release Sound Effects Library On Hard Drive

SEATTLE, WA – March 30 – Soundrangers (, an award winning game audio studio, announces the release of its popular online sound effects library on hard drive. The Soundrangers Sound Effects Library has been inspired by years of custom sound design for video games and has been used for years by such industry leading companies as Google, Nickelodeon, Microsoft, Cartoon Network, Adobe, HBO. The library contains over 21,000 high definition sound effects created by the Soundrangers team of audio professionals. The sounds are edited and optimized for easy use in interactive media, traditional media and beyond. With short looping sounds, one-shots with multiple variations and source material useful for creating a wide variety of sound effects common to the video game genre make this a one of a kind, world-class sound library. The sound files are enriched with metadata compatible with Soundminer, NetMix, Basehead and other audio search tools, and are available in multiple formats, sample and bit rates. Delivered on a professional quality Glyph hard drive compatible with Mac and Windows, one year of free sound effects updates and complete with search software allowing easy auditioning and placement of sounds into most major audio applications. Founded in 1998, was the first online sound library to specialize in creating sound effects and music specifically designed for video games and interactive media. From the beginning, their focus was to provide unique, high quality sound effects and music designed for interactive media while utilizing a website delivery system focused on quick and easy sound auditioning, selection and download. Soundrangers continues to grow its library, now adding a terrestrial hard drive for users with large sound effects requirements.

Soundrangers, in addition to creating their own proprietary sound library, has spent more than 14 years developing custom sound and music for video games. This experience gives them a unique insight into the audio needs of video games and allows them to create relevant game content for their sound library. By releasing their library on hard drive, users with larger production needs can now easily integrate Soundrangers Brand Sounds into their production pipeline. Soundrangers is making it easy for sound designers and game developers to find high quality material that will work in their projects.

Game developers know that high quality sound content can help distinguish their products in the competitive world of video game development. However, locating sound effects that work within the unique demands of video game and interactive media production can be a challenge. Soundrangers continues to lead the way in making the process of finding, creating and implementing sound effects for video games easier than ever.


Soundrangers is a Seattle-based game audio studio that creates all original music and sound effects for video games. Soundrangers has provided custom sound design and music for clients such as Eidos, Activision, Postopia, Disney Interactive, Cartoon Network, Electronic Arts, Microsoft Game Studios, and also licenses pre-rendered audio content to developers via their website at

Announcing the Soundrangers Sound Effects Hard Drive

Sound Effects Hard Drive

Soundrangers is proud to announce the release of our online Sound Effects Hard Drive — the most comprehensive sonic resource for interactive media, traditional media and beyond.

The development of this library is the result of our team’s extensive experience in creative sound design for console and social games, iPhone and iPad apps, interactive software and websites.

Incredibly Easy to Use:

  • Meticulously organized into intuitive hierarchical categories.
  • Sounds are pre-edited for easy plug and play.
  • One-shots are provided with multiple variations and precisely edited, ambiences are pre-edited to loop.

Unparalleled Features:

  • Introductory Price: $2900 USD (retail $3900 USD)
  • 21,117 sound effects (137 GB) on external hard drive
  • 1 Year of Free Sound Effects Updates
  • Portable, Production-Quality Glyph PortaGig 50 Hard Drive
  • Broadcast .wav formats: 24/48, 24/44.1, 16/44.1
  • Compressed formats: Mp3 and Ogg Vorbis
  • Optimized for interactive applications, video games and web design
  • Embedded Metadata for easy searching
  • Intuitive Category and File names
  • Sound Effects Search Software: Search, Audition, Drag & Drop
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • 3 year Data Replacement Policy


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