Oct 262010
sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:
Another big batch of sound effects! We’re continuing our quest to record and catalog everything that makes a sound!
sound effectsMelodic Startups and Logins – smooth and musical notifications
sound effectsGame Over or Fail Sounds – sorry, try again
sound effectsLasers, Blasters – Metallic – blast your enemy with a metallic flare
sound effectsWind-Up Toys – the noises of classic tin toys, a few new ones as well
sound effectsDungeon Doors – big, heavy and oppressive
sound effectsSmoke Whooshes – unique whooshes with a smoky after taste
sound effectsInsects, Buzzing and Vocalizations – tough to get those buggers to talk
sound effectsTigers, Panthers – big cats growling and roaring oh my
sound effectsChickens – mmm, tastes like panther
sound effectsHuman Breathing – from exhausted to panic, breath for all occasions
sound effectsFootsteps – without them we would just be standing around
sound effectsEuropean City Ambience – or domestic ambience if you’re European
sound effectsTrains, European, Bart Train, Subway – more variety is always nice
sound effectsSwamp Ambience – just like being there but without the bug spray
sound effectsWaves – why do they just keep coming
sound effectsTorpedo Movement – motorized underwater loops and passing by
sound effectsUnderwater Movement – handy sounds to have in your sound toolbox
sound effectsWater Fountains, Storm Drains, Dripping – above water movements
sound effectsFalling Rocks – various sizes falling on various surfaces
sound effectsWood Debris and Board Drags and Drops – build your own sfx
sound effectsHeavy Machinery, Tractors, Tread, Dumping Rocks – industrial strength
sound effectsShovel and Pickaxe – digging tools doing what they do best
sound effectsShotgun Shell Drops – spent ammunition dropping on different surfaces
sound effectsand so much more … tornado, trees falling, female screams, forest rain, canoe paddle, underwater propulsion, pump generator, foliage, shopping cart metal rattles, bottle knock over, brick scrapes, ice machine, Dark Atmospheric Music

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Oct 032010

sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:
This month we added another big batch of sound effects. We are working hard toward our goal of creating a high quality recording of everything in the known universe that makes a sound. We still have a ways to go but we are getting closer every month!
sound effectsChains – a full collection of all types of chains, singles and loops
sound effectsToyota Camry – everyday cars sounds you need
sound effectsRenault Clio – zippy little euro car sounds
sound effectsSand – slow dribbles to fast pours and even loops
sound effectsCross Country Skiing – feel the cool breeze with these looping sounds
sound effectsCymbal Rolls and Hits – classic, all purpose sfx accents
sound effectsFire Extinguishers – blasts of chemical retardant, mmm good
sound effectsStutter Whooshes – unique whooshes with a pulsing quality
sound effectsCrowbar – heavy metal clunks, clangs and drags oh my
sound effectsMouse and Rat Traps – snap goes the rodent
sound effectsBouncy Boings – more boing variations than previously imaginable
sound effectsDrinking Cups and Glasses – what separates man from beast
sound effectsGas Masks – breathing, putting on, taking off, smell nothing
sound effectsPropane Tanks – hollow, metallic clunks and clangs
sound effectsCroquet – spend a civilized day in the sun with these sound effects
sound effectsMountain Streams- you can hear the freshness
sound effectsCar Tires – tires rolling on various surfaces
sound effectsFilm Clapboard – quite on the set… action
sound effectsTest Tones – handy sounds to have in your sound toolbox
sound effectsHarbor Ambience – sun, boats, water and birds, well imagine there’s sun
sound effectsSpring Bounces – big, springy spring sounds that sound springy
sound effectsKazoo – an underrated instrument, well maybe not
sound effectsClipboards – what are pens without a clipboard?
sound effectsCredit Cards – audio captures of the most powerful devices on earth
sound effectsCoin Purses – holder of the change that’s needed
sound effectsand so much more … water in sewer pipes, space shuttle rockets, film clapboard, maglight flashlights, pencil sharpeners, rain on tin roof, dust masks, gas cans, box cutters, electric air pumps, suitcase zippers, fly’s on windows, jewelry boxes, candle lighters, swimming pool ambiences, jaw harps, male screams, interior train ambiences, room tones, ballpoint pens

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