New Sound Alert August 2010

sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:
This month we added one of our biggest batches of sound effects in awhile. More than a 1000 all new, original sound effects. All professionally created in our own sound laboratories. Here are a few of the highlights in no particular order.
sound effectsBicycles – a full set of all things bicycle, single sounds, loops, etc.
sound effectsBoxing – punching bags, boxing glove hits, body and face blows
sound effectsModern Navigation Interface Sounds – updated set of ui sounds
sound effectsStyrofoam – squeaks, crunches breaks, packing sounds
sound effectsArtillery Launcher – the launcher sounds and firing sounds
sound effectsBullet Casing – handling and dropping on different surfaces
sound effectsBeer Cans – guns and beer go together like, well, guns and beer
sound effectsLiquor Bottles and Bottle Caps – sloshing, rolling and clunking
sound effectsSterno Flame – very interesting burning and crackling sounds
sound effectsBricks – movements, clunks, breaking, debris
sound effectsGuitar Amps – all manner of electronic buzzes and futz
sound effectsBone Crushes – the gory sounds of bones being pulverized
sound effectsForest Ambiences – light wind birds fluttering through the trees
sound effectsLadders and Step Stools – the clunks and bangs of aluminum ladders
sound effectsComputer Beeps and Scanners – sci-fi menu and button sounds
sound effectsMetal Latches – useful for anything from interface sounds to robots
sound effectsShaving Cream Squirts and Splats – shave everyday, always feel clean
sound effectsToys – springy slinky’s, plastic lego blocks, marbles rolling and hitting
sound effectsCamcorders – little servos, switches and camera sounds
sound effectsTrash and Garbage – cans, dumping and rummaging through rubbish
sound effectsBoxes, Cardboard, Metal and Ceramic – boxes big and small
sound effectsKitchen Items – food processor, ice dispenser, bags, cookie sheets
sound effectsDoor Opens and Closes – metal doors, wood stove doors, freezer doors
sound effectsDoor Squeaks – more spooky squeaks and creaks of old wood doors
sound effectsGloves – latex, plastic, cloth, winter gloves, all very handy
sound effectsPellet Stoves and Wood Stoves – the electric sounds of pellet stoves
sound effects…and so much more

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