December Sound Alert

sound effects New Sound Effects Added This Month:

Here’s the latest batch of quality crafted sound effects fresh from our studios to your table.
sound effectsSpinning Whoosh Sounds – spinning rope or battle axe or battle rope?
sound effectsBook Sounds – new category, captured before they become extinct
sound effectsSpray Can and Bottles – ideal for all your virtual graffiti needs
sound effectsBalloons – rubbery stretches, squeaks and farty air noises
sound effectsBottles and Cans – open, close, drop, pickup and more
sound effectsCounters – video game level up or score ticker sounds
sound effectsComputers – all things in computer sfx and key strokes
sound effectsFireballs – great balls of flying fire, medieval fireball launches
sound effectsCinematic Subwoofers – rumbling toward the brown note
sound effectsPowerup Switches – electro powered servo switches
sound effectsUnderwater Ambiences – aquatic movements, sloshes and bubbles
sound effectsWater Explosions – above and below the surface explosions
sound effectsWood Grit Scrapes – not too exciting but sometimes you gotta have’em
sound effects…and much more

royalty free music New Music Added This Month:
A new batch of freshly produced music tracks composed and performed by our elite team of ninja musicians.
production musicHoliday Music – unique and traditional holiday arrangements
production musicClassic Arcade Music – old skool video game grooves and vibe
production musicBig Beat Music – nasty and destructive dance grooves
production musicPrimtime Drama Music – ideal for when the in-laws come for the holidays
production musicDramatic Orchestral Music – dramatic yet refined, big yet intricate
production musicOrchestral Music – pure and pastoral
production musicPiano Music – pull up a stool and dig the mellow grooves

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