New Demo Player

We just added a new demo player to the site. We’re always tweaking something. The player now has full transport controls, play, pause, and stop with a click-able, drag-able scroll bar. Let us know if you experience any glitches or have any comments.

April New Sound Alert

New Sound Effects Added This Month:

sound effectsGame Show Sounds
– classic win and loose sounds
sound effectsBoard Game Sounds – dominos, chess, checkers, dice and more!
sound effectsGnome Sound Effects – little monsters ready to make an appearance in your game
sound effectsPig Sound Effects – every crazy sound a pig can make!
sound effectsRat Sound Effects – attacking, idling and upset rats oh my!
sound effectsInsect Sound Effects – hits, attacks, idles, upsets, running and more!
sound effectsSpider Sounds – lots of angry spider attacks, hits and more!
sound effectsDogs Sound Effects – updated with additional dog vocalizations
sound effectsSpaceship Drone Sounds – the sound you hear while traveling in space
sound effectsFingernail Scratching Sound Effects – could be man or beast
sound effectsIce Sound Effects – freezing and cracking
New Royalty Free Music Added This Month:
production musicDramatic Orchestral Music
– many of new hybrid and dramatic cuts added
production musicWorld Music
– many, many new tracks from all over the world added
production musicAmbient Music – updated with new textural underscore tracks
production musicPop Music – updated with new pop radio ready tracks


Soundrangers are fresh back from the CGC in Hamburg and GDC in San Fransico with yet another fresh perspective on the world of video gaming. Special thanks to all of you who stopped by to say hi and hang out. See you in Seattle in July.