New Sound Effects
New Soundrangers Sound Effects and Music
A brand new batch of original sounds created by the Soundrangers team of audio extremists. Collect them all!
sound effects Musical Tone Collision Sounds – gentle tonal impact sounds representing all 12 notes of a musical scale.
sound effects Video Game Powerups and Levelups – new additions to our already ample collection of rewarding audio stimulus.
sound effects RC Cars – radio controlled race ready and game ready radio controlled cars, running, collision sounds and more.
sound effects Mountain Streams, Whitewater, Fountains – a large variety of mountain streams all edited to loop so you can relax for hours.
sound effects Forest Ambiences – more looping ambiences of different forest settings and densities. day, evening and morning atmospheres.
sound effects Water Lapping Sounds – gentle lapping sounds that will lull you to sleep and are all edited to loop.
sound effects Water Sloshing Sounds – when a water splash is too much and a drip isn’t enough, try a slosh.
sound effects Zombies Slurping Brains – mmm, good and good for you. tastes like chicken.
sound effects Chain Handling Sounds – just when we thought we had every chain sound ever, we added a few more.
sound effects Creepy Wood Door Creaks – not sure why but it’s the sound only ghosts make when they open doors.
sound effects Paper Crumples – one persons trash is another persons crumpled paper. or is it the other way around?
sound effects Bucket Sound Effects – Plastic and metal bucket sound effects. foley, handling, sloshing and more.
sound effects Gas Can Handling Sounds – not too sexy but when you gotta have them, you gotta have them.
sound effects Power Washers – another step closer to having the sound of every tool known to man in our sound effects collection.
sound effects Mechanical Servo Sounds – large and small robotic movements. if you don’t have a robot you can still sound like you have one.
sound effects Police and fire scanners – an alarming batch sound effects. handy for all your alarming needs.
sound effects Creaky Old Wooden Trunks – they sound just like they should, creaky, squeaky and old.
sound effects Keycard Swipes – various swipes and associated beeps. the sounds of security.
sound effects Belt Straining Sounds – stretching, creaky and strains of leather and leather like material.
sound effects Atmospheric Music – new tunes with less beat and more flow
sound effects Chill-Out Music – a new batch of smooth beats and melodies
sound effects Dark Atmospheric Music – new dark and floating tunes
sound effects Light Orchestral Music – lighthearted new tune
sound effects Dance / Trance Music – a fresh batch of techno tunes
sound effects Drum & Bass Music – cutting edge and dance floor ready
sound effects World Music – refreshingly original world flavored tune
  and much more
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