Got whoosh? Morph, particle, smoke, whip… we’ve got your whooshy sounds right here…

This was a very whooshy month here in the Soundrangers laboratories. Hundreds of new whoosh sound effects were added, along with a whole lotta other unique stuff:

Morph Whooshes – morphing techno-squishy blend of organic matter

Hollowcore Whooshes – natural sounding yet with hollow overtones

Particle Whooshes – a million little pieces all flying together

Smoke Whooshes – light and fluffy yet still robust and full bodied

Stutter Whooshes – stuttering, sputtering or pulsing whooshes

Texture Whooshes – complex bouquet of natural whooshiness

Twirl Whooshes – spinning twirling and looping whooshes

Whip Whooshes – doing their part to whip it, whip it good

Success Sounds – orchestral and playful updates, a winning assortment

Metallic Navigation Sounds – for your metal flavored interface needs

WWII Airplanes – bombers and fighters from the 2nd war to end all wars

Guillotine – some even with the fleshy sounds of head removal

Werewolves – maybe not as cute as vampires but better sounding

Security Doors and Fences – helps keep the werewolves out

Gun Handling Sounds – gun clunks, clinks and loading bullets

Metal Pipe Stress – unique metal creaking and groaning

Foliage – rustling leaves, branches and twigs

Wood on Stone and Dirt – drags, drops, slides

And so much more